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Our partner

Locomotive repair depot, Bryansk — our partner for the repair of locomotives.

This company specializes in the repair of shunting locomotives series of TEM-2.

ATRZ is a branch of OAO "Zheldorremmash" - the largest enterprise in the market of repair locomotives.


Our site provides a detailed Catalogue of railway equipment, which you can buy, sell, rent or use for shunting works.

Maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives and railway equipment

An important condition for increasing the life of the locomotives is timely quality repairs.

We carry out repairs of diesel locomotives (TEM-2, TEM-2U, TGK-2, TGM-23, TGM-40, TGM-4, TGM-6, TEM-15, TEM-18, TEM-7) and mainline diesel locomotives (DM-62 , 2M-62, 2TE-10M) in volumes of TR-1, TR-2 and TR-3, in accordance with the "Rules of maintenance and current repair of locomotives."

Repair and maintenance of diesel locomotives is carried out in specialized depot that have the appropriate license. We guarantee TR-1 and TR-2 for three months, the TR-3 for six months. Capital repair (CR) we are at the bases of the leading diesel locomotive factories (in particular, the capital repairs of the locomotive TEM-2 and TEM-2U we are in a locomotive repair depot, Bryansk). Together with ATRZ we give solidarity with the factory 1 year warranty.

Additionally, we can equip the locomotive security system ALSN and control system two diesel locomotives in the cabin of one of the SPARK (mating system).

We take into account all the wishes of the customer - the budget, location, date of repair. Since the conclusion of the contract we are responsible for the timing and quality of work.

At the time of repair of railway equipment to our regular customers we can provide a working locomotive.


Diesel locomotive to repair.

Diesel locomotive after repair.

Types of repairs of diesel locomotives

Repair of TR-1

When repairs TR-1 are carried out:

  • Inspection of work units and accessories from diesel locomotive
  • Inspection of diesel engine with opening hatches
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Testing nozzles
  • Lubrication of the basic units
  • Removing the fuel-pump for repair
  • Removing of a turbocharger for repair
  • Replacing the oil pressure switch
  • Replacing the thermostat
  • Determination of clearance for oil in the bearings of the crankshaft

The warranty on TR-1 for three months.

Repair of TR-2

When repairs TR-2 are carried out:

  • Partial disassembly of a diesel engine with a piston groove
  • Removal, repair and adjustment of the individual electrical
  • Revision of the motor-axis bearing axial structure
  • Cleaning, inspection of electrical machines
  • Replacement of worn parts on the new

The warranty on TR-2 for three months.

Repair of TR-3

When repairs TR-3 are carried out:

  • Disassembly and repair of diesel (replacement for capitally refurbished diesel) locomotives
  • Examination of wheelsets
  • Revision and repair of traction motors of locomotives
  • Repair, recharge the batteries
  • Rheostat control tests, adjustment of the locomotive

The warranty on TR-2 for six months.

Capital repair

Capital repair (CR) we are at the bases of the leading diesel locomotive factories (particularly in the locomotive repair depot, Bryansk). Along with giving ATRZ jointly with the factory 1 year warranty.