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Sale and rent of railway equipment

We are working more than 10 years and is very well know the market of diesel locomotives. This allows us to do the prices of diesel locomotives the most attractive. Cooperation with us is profitable not only end-users operating railway equipment, but also entrepreneurs for whom sale of railway technology is business.

We provide a full analysis of the volume traffic, shunting, features operated railway section and offer the most convenient for the customer solution. This can be a purchase, rent, hire purchase, long-term rent or purchase under the scheme "trade in".

Trade in - a service that allows you to exchange old equipment for a new railway. You can buy a new locomotive, passing the old to the new offset value.

This opportunity can take advantage of those customers who have already bought a diesel and want to exchange it for a new one. New customers can use this service after we will check the history of ownership of the locomotive, the integrity of the frame and hidden defects.


Salon locomotives Teplovoz.Ru sells the following types of railway equipment:

  1. Diesel locomotives:
    • ready to operation diesel (new or have passed all the necessary technical repairs)
    • diesel locomotives in working order
    • diesel locomotives under repair


There are various forms of rent:

  1. rent shunting diesel locomotives series TGM4, TGM6, TEM2,TEM15 with locomotive crew and a full technical and documentary support
  2. rent shunting locomotives series TGM23, TGM40 without crews and maintenance
  3. rent mainline diesel locomotives series 2TE10, 2TE116
  4. We can pick up a locomotive according to customers' specifications

Responsibility to the customer comes first!

Our proposals for the sale and rental of railway equipment:

Sale and rent diesel locomotives


Proposals for the sale and rent of shunting locomotives and mainline diesel locomotives, available in the Salon Teplovoz.Ru.

Sale and rent wagons


Proposals for the sale and rent wagons available in the Salon Teplovoz.Ru.

Sale and rent railway cranes


Proposals for the sale and rent railway cranes available in the Salon Teplovoz.Ru.